UCAS Personal Statement Building

Facing the paperwork for your university application can be really daunting, and because it has such a key role, your UCAS Personal Statement can seem the most scary of all.

Personal Statement Building - UCAS

Could one of these be you?

  • You’ve got loads of ideas, but just can’t get them down on the page the way you want to.
  • You would be OK with the writing, if you could just get the right idea to start you off.
  • You’re worried that your personal statement won’t stand out enough and showcase the real you.
  • You can’t get past the blank page to make your personal statement come alive.
  • You’ve got it all down on the page, but you’re struggling to fit it into the word count.
  • Spelling and grammar aren’t your forte and you need some help perfecting your statement.

Sally Anderson from Elimo Editing can help you to improve your personal statement and make sure the reader sees what really matters - you.

In addition to years of editing and proofreading experience, Sally has done plenty of university applications and studying herself, with a Doctorate in Education and most recently, a Masters in Performance Psychology. With two children now at university, she’s also got personal experience with the ins and outs of the UK university application system.

Through discussion, review of your statement, suggestions for improvement, and careful editing and proofreading, we can work together to create a personal statement that does you proud.

Client testimonials

Look at what people who have worked with Elimo Editing said:

Thank you ever so much for your help and kind words. I wouldn’t of been able to construct such a great statement without your guidance and help. Now I’m all set on my way towards a brilliant UCAS form.

I’m very pleased with how the statement turned out, couldn’t have done it without your help! I really appreciate your support throughout.

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