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Whether you are writing an essay, thesis, dissertation, journal article or book chapter, Elimo Editing can help you with all of these issues and more.

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Are you preparing an essay, thesis or dissertation but you’re now so familiar with your material, you can’t see where you could make improvements?

Maybe you’ve got information overload from reading many articles on your topic, and can’t pinpoint the direction you need to take to get going and fulfil your assignment requirements. You may even be in the (enviable) position of having such rich research results that it’s difficult to do justice to them but still stay within your word limits.

Perhaps you are a time-poor academic struggling to get a journal article or book chapter ready for publication. Does it feel like you’re herding cats as you try and manage a writing team and keep them on track while trying to meet your own writing deadlines?

Elimo Editing can help you with all of these issues and more.

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Perfect, polish, complete

Whether you are at the beginning of putting pen to paper (fingers to keyboard?) or are nearly there but need a little help to get over the finish line, Elimo can provide the right service to finish off all your hard work.

A professional, polished product means that your readers will be able to engage with your ideas fully, and your knowledge, understanding and research results will shine through.

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