Indicative Rates

Every essay, thesis, dissertation, journal article or book chapter will require a different combination of services and take a different amount of time.

This will depend not only on the services you feel you need, but also on where you are in the development process and the time you have available. I will be able to give you a formal quote for a suggested combination of services once I have seen an indicative sample of the work.

As a broad indicator, the following rates apply:


  • £ 15.00
  • per 1,000 words
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  • £ 12.00
  • per 1,000 words
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Project management

  • £ N / A
  • On a project by project basis.
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Critical reading
and discussion

  • £ 25
  • per hour
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Personal statement

  • £ 125
  • Fixed fee.
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