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Elimo Editing is a personalised service offered by Dr Sally Anderson.

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I am pretty much the perpetual student, having completed a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in English and Latin, with a little Classical Greek and Nederlands on the side), a Masters in Education, a Doctorate in Education, a Conversion Degree in Psychology and most recently a Masters in Performance Psychology.

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Having trained formally as a proofreader with a printing company in South Africa which specialised in academic and particularly legal textbooks, I went on to copy-edit at the South African Medical Journal for a few years.

Thereafter, my interests turned to combining my editing and academic skills and I worked in distance learning for many years, managing the production of learning materials for learning programmes in a huge variety of different subject areas and at all levels from school through to graduate level. In 2015/16, I was part of the Edinburgh University team which developed a MOOC on Football and delivered it via an online learning platform (FutureLearn.com) to thousands of learners worldwide.


Edinburgh, Scotland.

I have lived in Edinburgh for 20 years now, and have worked in open and distance learning at Napier University, and in project management at Heriot Watt, Edinburgh and Queen Margaret Universities,mostly producing materials for staff information and CPD, and along the way I have also helped with many academic papers, book chapters and four doctoral theses besides my own.

For the last three years, I have also been a part-time publications officer with the British Psychological Society, helping authors to prepare documents on a wide range of topics – Hoarding, Depression, Eating Disorders and Psychological Formulation to name but a few – and also proofreading the monthly Clinical Psychology Forum.

While I have a keen eye for detail and am a quick and accurate proofreader and copy-editor, one of my most valued skills is the ability to cast a critical eye over writing and discuss it with the author in a way which helps them to clarify and hone their argument.

In this way, we can work together to bring out their ideas in the clearest possible way.

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